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If you are interested in applying "Neuroscience Based Cognitive Therapy" in your clinical work, please contact Prof. Tullio Scrimali. It is possible to arrange a joint program of research and clinical applications.


Neuroscience is one of the most powerful emerging forces in the contemporary landscape of psychology. 

In Neuroscience-based Cognitive Therapy, Tullio Scrimali explores how recent advances in neuroscience can be harnessed in practice to improve the effectiveness of cognitive therapy with clients affected by a wide range of psychological problems and disorders.

In particular, two new methods that can be easily applied in a clinical setting - Quantitative EEG and Quantitative Electrodermal Activity - are fully illustrated and explained. 

These techniques have become widely available thanks to new devices and software that can, after basic training, be easily used in practice by any cognitive therapist.

A very useful device, in the field of Neuroscience Based Cognitive Therapy, is the MindLAB Set, developed and patented by Tullio Scrimali.

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